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Marketing Plans

It would be my pleasure to offer you thoughtful white glove service in the listing of your home.  I do not practice signing up listings hand over fist so that I can market myself as a top listing agent in Marin.  I work mostly by referral, and prefer to handle just one or two listings at a time, to ensure that I will be the one holding your home open, and keeping a close handle on what is happening with your home at all times.



I am proud to boast the phenomenal heft of the Sotheby’s Intenational brand and marketing juggernaut as the central piece of my marketing strategy. Beginning with professional photography and videography, building top end websites, portfolios and fliers, your home will have only the best.  Additonally, I will utilize my Marin County Facebook page, my Premium Zillow account, my LoveLivingInMarin.com website and blogging to ensure you get maximum exposure.


You will deal with me and only with me.  I will be the one holding your home open, and I will be the one calling you every day if there is any news to share.  You will know you are important to me when you are my client.  This is one of the most significant transactions you will do in your lifetime.  I will handle your business with the complete respect it deserves!

My husband is a Home Inspector and General Contractor.  We discuss real estate regularly, so I KNOW how to look at a home and see what it needs to get ready for market.  My keen eye will get us off on a strong foot, well prepared before the buyers come and start noticing every tiny detail.  

I have connections to excellent stagers, painters, contractors and handy men, working at a variety of price points.  I can help make the preparation of your home simple!


If the home and/or grounds lends itself, I will provide floorplans and a 3-D Virtual Tour, so online buyers can get a clear perspective of the flow of your home.

Additionally, I will provide drone photography if the property will benefit from being shown from aerial angle.



THOROUGH INTERNET COVERAGE:  Most buyers will find their home on the internet today.  For this reason I make sure that you will have nothing but the best images, text and video on ALL of the marketing sites.


We have a branded line of first class materials with Xpressdocs.  Together we can determine the look and feel that best suits your property.

(FOR PEACOCK GAP RESIDENTS:  I have a high end ongoing marketing campaign in the exclusive Peacock Gap area of San Rafael and own www.PeacockGapRealEstate.com)


I had the foresight to claim the Marin County Real Estate Facebook page.  As a result, I can market your home through Facebook like many other Realtors, but I have a natural viewership when people search Marin County.

I design a custom ad through Facebook appealing the type of buyers that we feel will be most likely to buy your home.  i.e. Young families if you are in an excellent school district.


I will host a classy Broker’s Open, with catered food consistent with the time of year, elegance of the home and challenge of the location.  For example, I have done a custom burger bar when a home is high up in the hills and the agents might be less likely to drive up.  Experience has proven the promise of a special (different) lunch will get more agents up the hill!  Sometimes a twilight wine and cheese event is a better option.


As I mentioned earlier, I will be the one to hold your house open.  We can discuss the frequency, perhaps both Saturday and Sunday the first week.  I will give you clear report afterward about the number of parties that came through, the feedback and level of interest.


I can promise you that I have the highest level of integrity that you could hope for from a Real Estate agent.  In a field where lawsuits are common, you will benefit greatly from my honesty in all facets of these dealings, and my understanding of how to protect you throughout the transaction, all the way to a safe and timely close.

Let’s talk soon!  You may be just getting started, and we can discuss your home’s value.  Or you may be ready to go, I can have your home on the market in as fast as two weeks!

I look forward to hearing from you!